Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak

  • Mother of the Nation
  • United Arab Emirates

Subject Of the month

Anniversaries … Values and Work

Every year anniversaries become numerous and get renewed. Some of them are national and others are international. Although people are keen to celebrate their anniversaries which reflect their love for their nation and their society and reflect their interaction with the global causes which transcend all nationalities and boundaries, those people look forward to seeing that their anniversaries bring with them achievements which contribute to their stability and happiness. And despite all the circumstances and challenges which the whole world goes through or their nation's experience, we see that a good number of them are optimistic that the coming year would be better and that the dreams would come true. They realize that each suffering or endurance brings forth new hope for new opportunities or new investment in their capacities and potentials for accomplishments that contribute in creating benefit to their communities.


"MATJERY" initiative for productive families

The launch of the "MATJERY" initiative for productive families, as the initiative provides an exceptional experience for marketers through which the products and services are combined with sensory and digital products, adapted to personal tastes and what suits them, and to provide a safe and flexible environment with easy access to the product and payment process.

This initiative aims to continue the sustainable growth of the local economy and to complement Her Highness's tireless efforts to create the components and causes of a safe and decent life for all members of society and to support the overall developmental renaissance in the country through the use of resources and tools.

"Their Protection is Our Responsibility" Initiative

"Their Protection is Our Responsibility" Initiative  has been launched as part of Sheikha Fatima's Volunteering Programme to provide protective equipment for medical professionals including doctors, nurses and paramedics, against Coronavirus.

The initiative includes providing medical clothing and surgery wear made by Emirati volunteers working at the Volunteering Programme in a gesture of gratitude to the nation's first-line of defense against the pandemic.

The initiatives also includes a programme for capacity building and boosting the medical professionals' skills in protecting themselves against infectious diseases.


"Family counseling portal" Initiative

The “ Family counseling portal “initiative has been launched as part of one of the services provided by the “Limaouneh portal”.

The initiative aims to anticipate sustainable social development ,unify classifications and concepts to support decision-makers in shaping family policies.

The “ Family counseling portal “initiative includes: family counseling services ,social counseling services, psychological counseling services and legal advice services.